Instant Dry Yeast (High Sugar)

High sugar tolerance, fast fermentation, suitable for heavy sugar & oil breads.

Ingredients : Natural yeast, emulsifier.

Range of application : For making bread with the recipe containing 5-25% sugar.

Function :

1. The yeast products are made through selecting the high activity and high osmotic pressure tolerant yeast strains to be suitable for making breads with high sugar (below 25%) and oil (below 20%) content.

2. Shorten the fermenting time greatly.

3. Good expansion in oven, can meet the requirements of different fermenting
processes (direct method or sponge & dough) to make the bread more expansive
and larger in dimension.

4. The product’s colours match well, it’s soft and tastes well.

Dosage : 0.8-1.2% of the amount of flour.

Method of Application

Mix yeast with the flour and other dry ingredients first, add water and stir it well.

Direct Fermentation Method

Dough making ⇒ Dough cutting ⇒ Dough rounding ⇒ Dough Forming ⇒ Fermenting ⇒ Baking

Secondary Fermentation Method

Sponge dough making ⇒ Fermenting ⇒ Secondary dough making ⇒ Total dough mixing ⇒ Dough cutting ⇒ Dough rounding ⇒ Dough Forming ⇒ Fermenting ⇒ Baking

Note :Avoid direct contact with ice water, the best temperature of the flour dough is 25-28 degree Centigrade.

Preservation : Please keep in dry and cool places

Shelf life: 2 years.

Specification of Instant Dry Yeast (High Sugar)

Appearance Requirements of Instant Dry Yeast (High Sugar)
Colour & Lustre Light Yellow or Light Brown
Scent Having the strong yeast scent, without disagreeable odor
Form Fine Particles or Small Strips
Impurities None
Technical Data of Instant Dry Yeast (High Sugar)
Fermentation Abilities (CO2)/(mL/h) ≥ 850.00
Moisture Content (%) ≤ 5.50
Living Cell Content (%) ≥ 75.00
Survival Rate (%) ≥ 80.00
Lead (By D.W.) (mg/kg) ≤ 1.00
Arsenic (By D.W.) (mg/kg) ≤ 1.00
Salmonella None
Shigella None
Staphylococci None



Quality Standard : GB/T 20886-2007

Test Method : GB/T 20886 -2007 –

Yeast Spawn : Special Yeast  Spawn (b)

Top First-class Quality

Fermentation Abilities (CO2)/(mL/h): 1950 – 2200 ( Standard Code : QB-T 1501-1992 )

850 – 950 ( Standard Code : GB/T 20886 – 2007 )

Our quality has been beyond competitor consumedly and reach utmost quality level.Compare with competitor’s quality level ( 450-650 or 1000-1200),we have been without equal.



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